Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up?

Click sign up, provide your details and Email, you will receive a link in your mail requesting you to activate, click on the link and you can login to your page

Who can Coach on Dleveral?

Coaching on Dleveral is open to anyone who has an experience that other people can benefit.

What area can I Coach?

You can coach in your area of knowledge or expertise.

Who can use Dleveral

Anyone can use Dleveral from wherever you are around the world as long as there is web access — to connect with professionals in different fields. So, whether you’re newly out of college, on a career path or looking at switching careers, you can find or invite the Coach with the right expertise for the acceleration you require for a coaching session at a fee.

What does Coaching on Dleveral Entail?

Coaching on Dleveral includes a combination of one on one live coaching session, and real-time messaging between a coach and the client. All coaching sessions are real time and can hold for as long as you agree with the coach.

How can I earn money on Dleveral?

You earn money on Dleveral for every time a client completes a booked coaching session with you as a coach.

Dleveral offers a secured platform through flutterwave for payment made for coaching or mentoring services by a Dleveral user or a coach / mentor.

Payment is initiated after the learner confirms coaching session is done and payment is released10 days after confirmation is made by the both user and the coach/mentor